Glossary of FIRE Terms

1/16/20241 min read

  1. LeanFIRE: Extreme frugality and minimalism for early retirement on a modest budget.

  2. FatFIRE: Higher savings for a more luxurious post-retirement lifestyle.

  3. BaristaFIRE: Part-time work covers basic expenses while enjoying semi-retirement.

  4. CoastFIRE: Reach retirement savings and let investments grow without further contributions.

  5. House Hacking: Use property for rental income or reduced living costs.

  6. Geoarbitrage: Move to lower cost-of-living areas while earning from higher-paying locations.

  7. Side Hustle/Gig: Generate extra income alongside the main job.

  8. Investment Strategies: 4% Rule, dividend, real estate, or index fund investing for passive income.

  9. SWR (Safe Withdrawal Rate): Sustainable withdrawal rate during retirement (typically 3-4%).

  10. FI/RE Community: Support network sharing advice for financial independence and early retirement goals.